Who we are

Nuova Osmo started its production activity in 1992. It is a young and dynamic company, present on the national and international market. Nuova Osmo is specialized in the production of objects and accessories for taps and fittings, and is able to satisfy the requirements of international customers, getting adapted to the different technical specifications and finishing.

Nuova Osmo offers:

  • “Made in Italy” products manufactured according to Italian design and style
    The products, internally designed, manufactured and tested, are characterized by an excellent attention to quality and distinguish themselves for their elegance and innovation, thus matching the current tendencies of the bathroom fittings.
  • Technical innovation and use of eco sustainable
    Thanks to our constant research we offer materials such as:
    Tekno.Al - A special alluminium alloy, ecological, light, resistant, free of lead and toxic elements.
    Natural - Patent application. A special self-cleaning system, whit which the limestone does not stick and slides off with water free of toxic substances.
  • Water saving technology
    Water is a precious resource and to make an intelligent use of it is now necessary. Nowadays a wide range of products, equipped with special devices, ensures the intelligent use of water. All our products are designed and manufactured so that they can be used with flow-limiting devices to ensure optimum performance in respect of water resources.
  • Quick installation and easy of use
    Products with modern features, basic and functional and easy installation thanks to the quick fixing system that ensures the maximum comfort of use and a high degree of reliability, thanks to the constant research of new technologies.